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  1. -unsaved family and friends and healing for those ill
    -fiances, new job(s) for myself and brother
    -favor, wisdom, guidance

  2. hi there,

    im in need of prayer
    please pray for healing n deliverance from chilhood abused, wounded spirit, trauma, all curses, evil spirits, breaking for any soul ties n fragment soul. i need to be more understanding in what im struggling about n pls pray that Lord will give me a wisdom n He will show me the right path for breakthrough will come.

  3. Thank you so very much for your prayers, I will be in court 09/17/09 at 2:15pm for custody please pray Adonai Yahweh blesses my attorney and sends his highest arch Angles by my attornies side and my side for protection and strength and for Adonai Yaweh to speak through my attorney’s heart and his spirit to fight hard for me and to be equipped with the armor to defend me as well, Please pray Adonai Yahweh Speaks directly to the judge’s Heart and soul in court & that the judge realizes Adonai unconditional mercy and compassion and that the judge may show them on me and for my situation and the judge rests his favor on me and I will not loose residential custody that I have had for the last 5 yrs. Please Pray that Adonai Yahweh puts in the case worker and the Law Gardian heart and sole to show companion, mercy and favoritism on me as well and Thank you for your prayers in his beloved son’s holy name Yahshua. Amen.

    Heather in NY

  4. Father God please forgive us of all of our sins because we now&forever forgive those who have sinned against us by the powers of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and…Father-God please bless and protect my dad (he’s a policeman in our city) and my mom. Releae the powers of Your Holy Spirit upon her spirit,soul and body for healing. Heal her of her blindness,diabetes, major heart problems. Keep her from strokes and any and everything else the Devil would like to afflict her with. Heal my dad of his health problems as well. Release Your Glory in every aspect of their lives for Jesus’ sake. Releae every generational blessing in their Godly bloodlines. Give them the wonderfull promises of Your Word found in Psalm 110-112&122&1,2,144,
    55,63& 149-150. Sheld them from every attack from the flesh,world and devil for all of their days. And empower me to forever be a blessing to them and never a curse in any way all the days of my life. By the powers of the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His reseurection and entrhonement, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray and thank=You amen&amen!
    Please continue to pray that our Lord Jesus Christ would now&forever&powerfully will give to my entire family&Ithe powers of His shed blood on the cross and His rising again(&for the release of the prayers in my prayer notebooks) from the dead on the 3rd day& His soon bodily retruning and a powerfull grace from the Holy Spirit for breakthrough in every area– also with our monies– for the ministry work orverseas we have a part in. Please also prfay for my mom’s health (heart &eyes-&for much grace for her upcoming eye surgery)His blessings on you all,PTL,amen&amen!

  5. My son is awaiting sentencing. He has repent & accepted Christ as his personal savior. He is in faith & hope for letters/cards of encouragement. His contact information is below:
    Rashad Lavender
    11039312 M3B
    PO Box 4970
    Orlando, FL 32802
    Thanking you in advance for your prayers and service

  6. I write near a month later to ask again for prayer:
    Please pray for James, Rebecca, Rachel, Elizabeth, Kelsey and Michelle.
    Please pray for ALL 6 of us and ALSO for ALL the people on our hearts and prayer lists, that God will do these 5 things in our lives:
    (1)that God will give us a GREAT relationship with Jesus and GREAT relationships with all those HE has for our lives.
    (2)that God will give us peace without fear, protection and complete health (III John 2)
    (3)that God will give us GREAT help in EVERY area of our lives
    (4)that we will LIVE in HIS calling on our lives as long as He gives life
    (5)PLEASE PRAY: God will pour out His Holy Spirit upon us in great demonstration and power! Pray God will manifest EVERY gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives from this day forward! Pray for SERIOUS DIVINE connection and DIVINE OUTPOURING of the Spirit of God in our lives in EVERY part of our lives until the day Jesus comes to take us to Himself forever!
    ** I mean EVERYTHING I wrote here, PLEASE, will you pray that God will do these things in us? THANK YOU!
    – I write from the library , no email

  7. I need healing from this element attacking my spine and my arm. I live in calf, and I have not been to church in a very long time. I want God to deliver me. I need God to open a door for me to support my family financially.

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